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About Vance


Vance Peters has been working with tropical fish for over 50 years. 


He has built up the Bucksport location over the past 30 years, to create a unique envrionment where novice and expert can learn and relax. 


He prides himself in reef keeping, a natural approach to keeping fish, he also works with custom filters, and custom built aquariums and cabinets.


With one of the last surviving "mom and pop" tropical fish shops in the state, he has built up a paradise around his passion for natural tropical beauty, polynisian art, antique tiki records, and his custom made ukulele and guitars.  He enjoys trips to the Virgin Islands and Hawaii which enhance and inspire his style and technique.



     2004: Outstanding Non-Personal Interpretation Award for The      Living Stream Exhibit at Craig Brook National Fish Hatchery in      East Orland, Maine.

     2003: Best Billiards Bar of the Year (Classics in Bangor, Maine)      – 2nd Place in Billiards Digest where Vance installed and      continues to maintain a twelve foot, 500-gallon acrylic reef tank,      which is the focal point of the bar.

     2002: Volunteer of the Year Award from Craig Brook National      Fish Hatchery.

With the loving support of his wife Cheryl and sons Justin and Kyle, Vance has continued to pursue his love of aquarium keeping in both personal and retail settings."

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